Figuratively speaking: The Bane away from My personal Lifestyle

Figuratively speaking: The Bane away from My personal Lifestyle

Eventually, something changed in me. I was about to azing, beautiful, super-fun, and kick-ass wife (see picture). I wanted to obtain my personal shit together. So, I started reading, and taking action on what I read.

I read every personal finance book and blog I could get my hands on (if you prefer guidance, email me at ). These books literally changed my life. I studied. I applied. I moved into a smaller apartment. I sold my car and started biking to work. I even got creative and took out a 15-month attention-free credit card to cover expenses for a few months until my next student loan disbursement came (I paid the balance in full before any interest was due). Slowly but surely, my financial picture started looking better.

So, there’s some background. But that’s not really why I’m up at 5:38 AM on a Thursday morning writing this to you. This post is about one of my current financial strategies, and (more importantly), something you are able to do along with your profit.

My spouse and i existed very frugally in my PGY1, surviving almost totally away from the woman salary and you may placing my personal salary on the my fund. But the reality is you to definitely we’ve however got more than $100k to go. And you may we’ve additional a home loan, old-age deals, and an increasing nearest and dearest to our financial visualize.

As I have finished inside the 2013, we now have made a ton of progress on my college loans

At the peak of my loans (I graduated with just over $200k), I was paying over $26 in interest every single day. I calculated that as a resident, the first 4 days away from my get hold of income would be given straight to the bank just to pay the interest on my loans. Continue reading “Figuratively speaking: The Bane away from My personal Lifestyle”