Then way flower to Salisbury Plain and you will Stonehenge

Then <a href=""></a> way flower to Salisbury Plain and you will Stonehenge

Both called the newest ‘oldest road inside the Britain’, brand new Harrow Ways (‘Harroway’, ‘Old Way’, ‘hard’ otherwise ‘old’ roadway) try a great trackway of great antiquity powering east-west across the southern The united kingdomt. My demand for the passageway such across the Stonehenge landscaping and you will environments was sexy with the studying a blog post of the Alex Down ‘Towards Trackways and put-names’, had written towards Dennis Price’s blog site Eternal Idol with the .

Grinsell’s The newest Archaeology out of Wessex, authored inside 1958, notices ‘The origin of your own name is undecided: derivations of your own name was indeed recommended of har (hoary as we grow old), herewag (army street), and hearg weg (the street to the shrine or holy put, doubtfully Stonehenge)

Inside the Aubrey Burl’s ‘Stonehenge‘, published within the 2006, he writes: ‘The latest Harroway provided having miles westwards away from Dover, Canterbury and you will Rochester, past Farmham and you may Basingstoke to help you Amesbury, after that next to Bulford, round the a beneficial ford whoever marshy financial institutions was basically green that have ragged robin plants. Continue reading “Then way flower to Salisbury Plain and you will Stonehenge”